November 24, 2010

s e d u c t i v e

This model needed some updates for her portfolio, and we spent a few hours in a local nightclub (during daytime).

h a i r s p r a y

After some time of "ordinary" fashion shots, we had to play a little...we found some body paint, and added two colors of spray.

h y d r o g o l d

This is a shot from some time ago, but I felt like playing some more with the file.

The photo is originally B/W, but I added a texture, and adjusted tones. Simple, but I felt this worked effectively.

October 16, 2010

i n v i s i b l e

Two more shots from this week.
I named this project invisible, for per haps obvious reasons.
Model: Julie H.
Styling: Nina Tårnes

More from this shoot here!

October 15, 2010

parking lot fun

After a long period of shutterblock I have had a few days of happiness with my camera, first working for a couple of hairdressers, and then a spontanious project with stylist Nina Tårnes.
Here are a few from yesterday night.
Thanks to model Julie H.

August 10, 2010


During summer, [other] work has been time consuming, leaving less time for photography. I have spent some late nights trying out new things, with older photos. And here are some examples.
These are orginally shot with a white background, and added light effects, color and/or texture.

July 25, 2010

Ann Torild & Ruben

De største gratulasjoner til Ann Toril og Ruben, som giftet seg i Stangvik kirke 17. juli.
Et team fra Rubicon/TV 3 var er, som ledd i deres programserie som kommer neste år, og filmen hele dagen, inkludert deler av fotoseansen vår...spennende.
En svært solrik dag, på et meget flott sted jeg aldri før har vært!
De største lykkeønskningene til internet-dating-paret.

July 14, 2010

Tove og Eivind

Tove og Eivind giftet seg i Orkdal kirke 10. juli, og fotograferingen ble lagt til Meldal bygdemuseum. Til tross for motorhavari kom paret seg på plass, og ble med på en fin runde i det flotte området. At det var bløtt i gresset hadde liten betydning.

Største gratulasjoner til paret, og her er noen smakebiter fra fotograferingen.

June 22, 2010

Hanne og Ronny

Da er det på tide å gratulere Hanne og Ronny, som giftet seg 12. juni, med en flott seremoni.
Her er noen smakebiter fra dagen

May 7, 2010

textures and moods

Until recent, I have never been a huge fan of textures. But I recently found a couple of useable textures and ideas, more suitable for my purposes. This is not a complicated process, but in my opinion gives an interesting twist...

April 4, 2010

p o p c o r n

what can you do with 3 bags of popcorn and a model with great attitude?
just a couple of hours of fun in the studio...
stylist: nina tårnes

March 16, 2010

basement and texture

After reviewing the photos from this shoot a little closer, I decided they might need a little more punch, and found some textures that gave a more "grungy" look. Playing around for a while, gave me the expression I liked.

March 15, 2010

maude silje II

this recent job, is part II of a job for a fashion store in trondheim.
shot in different locations, here are a few chosen ones so far. there is some work left though...

model: silje gulbrandsen
stylist: nina hofsli

March 9, 2010

pregnant ballerina

I had a great shoot today, with Benedicte, a dancer I have worked with a couple of times before. Now she is 7 months pregnant, but she shows she can still move more than graceful! We started out in a bar in Trondheim, and then had some fun in a studio afterwards. What a great way to spend a day!!
Stylist: Nina Tårnes