March 16, 2010

basement and texture

After reviewing the photos from this shoot a little closer, I decided they might need a little more punch, and found some textures that gave a more "grungy" look. Playing around for a while, gave me the expression I liked.

March 15, 2010

maude silje II

this recent job, is part II of a job for a fashion store in trondheim.
shot in different locations, here are a few chosen ones so far. there is some work left though...

model: silje gulbrandsen
stylist: nina hofsli

March 9, 2010

pregnant ballerina

I had a great shoot today, with Benedicte, a dancer I have worked with a couple of times before. Now she is 7 months pregnant, but she shows she can still move more than graceful! We started out in a bar in Trondheim, and then had some fun in a studio afterwards. What a great way to spend a day!!
Stylist: Nina Tårnes

March 6, 2010


We spent a few hours preparing a room dressed in newspapers for this, the night before the shoot. Interestingly, by the next day, several had come loose, and had to be retaped. Other than that, this is a relatively simple set up. The exposure itself did not work out 100% as planned, due to challenges in space. However, I feel it was an interesting twist.

Model: Eline B.
Stylist: Nina Tårnes