March 28, 2012

grace & blaze

I attended a trend show in Trondheim recently (by Wella), and had a chance to capture some of the models when they were finished on stage. The location was a hotel, and I knew there would be virtually no time for each model. Finally, I found a room (not the biggest I have been in) and set up my "microstudio" with three lights.
Afterwards, I realized I had to come up with something more interesting than the pure white/grey background and racked my brain to find some kind of theme for this. The header for these coming trends are "grace & blaze", so I thought why not experiment around those words...and this is what came to life (with some help from editing tools:-)).

turned into

turned into

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Hair: Lene Larsgaard Bjørnland / Renate Robertsen
Make-up: Hege Regine Lunnan
Photo & retouch: John Andre Aasen //