May 14, 2012

windy city

Today, I had a visit from someone I have never before photographed, and originally, the plan was to get good studio shots and blend them with my HDR backgrounds. However, after a while I got impatient (which had nothing to do with the model, who did a great job). We got some good shots, and then it came to me that I wanted to move into the nature. I did not expect close to stormy conditions outside, but brought a studio light - and the plan was...nothing - play by air.
We walked five minutes from my house, and discovered a hidden gem, a cluster of trees. My light crashed into the ground a couple of times, but survived! And I think it was worth it, as an idea from a couple of movies directed by Lars von Trier came to mind: Melancholia and Antichrist. These films have some fascinating filming, and visual effects, and I wanted to try to create that same sentiment.
Here are some examples, and thanks to the patient model Kristine!
By the way, please watch those movies:-)

All images copyrighted by John Andre Aasen //


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